With a pressing need in producing quality research outcomes, RTG2EE offers a new platform for researchers to disseminate their works in the form of a Journal-Conference arrangement. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts to be peer reviewed and published directly in the RTG2EE journal, and then present them at the annual conference.

RTG2EE conference offers a new and unique opportunity for authors of articles published in Journals of RTGEE to meet and present their findings, and to get feedback from peers. 

The conference is also open for authors who prefer to submit articles to be published in the conference proceeding in a normal way. 

One direct and immediate benefit from this arrangement is that authors will not need to spend time to modify journal papers into shorter conference papers, or vice versa. Another benefit is that authors will receive effective feedback from peers through presentation and discussion at the conference. All participants will also have benefit in expanding their networks and increasing future potential collaborations with others who are working in similar areas. Technical sessions at the RTG2EE Conference concurrently run in the specialised fields of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering and Education.